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We purchase a large portion of our raw ingredients directly from local ‘Kudambasree’ units and also from personally known farmers and vegetable shop owners who refrain from the use of dangerous pesticides and insecticides in their produce.  We also take great care to support our local partners and tried to impact the society and the environment in a positive manner through the process of direct trade, providing to the community and protagonism.


Genuine and Authentic

We try our best to offer a genuine glance of the food culture of Kerala keeping in mind, the rich food culture through the ambiance and service at the restaurant. We are really glad to bring about a traditional Kerala atmosphere in the restaurant with the dishes served here with a traditional taste in the traditional manner.


Kerala's Traditional Family Restaurant

 Kilimanoor, Trivandrum, Kerala

Vazhiyorakkada, as a family restaurant, was commenced in the year 2000 with the main purpose of providing tasty and good quality traditional Kerala dishes at affordable rates. Our shop is located at an easily accessible location by the side of MC Road near Kilimanoor on the way to Trivandrum City.

We have attempted to recreate the ambiance, atmosphere and the flavors of a 'naadan' Kerala restaurant to make your visit at Vazhiyorakkada a memorable one. It is one of the few authentic naadan restaurants in the vicinity.


We have been serving meals on naadan banana leaf for the past 18 years of our service and have not compromised it even for a single day. It is one tradition we never try to compromise.


Oonu (Meals on Banana Leaf)

Parippu, Sambar, Pulisheri, Rasam, Moru, Fish Gravy, Kappa, Inchi Curry, Avial, Thoran, Pachadi (Pineapple, Cheera, Beetroot), Pickle, Pappadam.



Puttu (Rice and Wheat)
Kappa Udachath



Egg Roast
Veg Kuruma
Green Peas Curry
Kadala Curry
Egg Curry
Tomato Roast



Naadan Chicken Curry
Naadan Chicken Purattu
Naadan Chicken Liver Purattu
Tender Naadan Chicken Fry
Duck Roast
Fish Head Curry



Crab Roast
Prawns Fry
Squid (Kanava Thoran)
Karimeen Pollichathu
Avoli/Pomfret Fish
Kanambu Fish Fry



Naimeen Fry
Ayla Fry
Moodha Fish Curry
Netholi Fry
Choora Curry
Chala Fry




( No fried snacks
are available
at Vazhiyorakkada. )

Exquisite Kerala Cuisine & Exceptional Customer Service
is Our Pride and Our Passion


Serving with Quality!

Our primary concern is to serve our customers with the best quality food. We have a very stringent food management system with special care given to the quality of raw materials used for cooking. It should be noted that we do not make a particular item if the quality of ingredients are not up to the mark. This is the reason why some of the food items are not available in our restaurant everyday.

Clean & Hygienic Kitchen!

We, at Vazhiyorakkada, understands the importance of hygienic cooking practices and therefore takes great care to maintain and keep our kitchen neat and tidy. We clean our kitchen at least 3 to 4 times a day and take all necessary steps to meet the criterion for food hygiene standards.

Fresh Cooking Oil!

While eating out, many of us are concerned about the quality of oil used for cooking as we all know about the health hazards of reusing cooking oil. At Vazhiyorakkada we are aware of this and therefore use only pure locally refined coconut oil for cooking. So lay your concerns to rest and eat heartily at our restaurant.

Farm Fresh Meat!

All the meat that we use in our restaurant are literally fresh. Meat from both chicken and ducks are sourced directly from the farm as required and are never refrigerated. This is as fresh as you can get. Don't forget to try our meat delicacy when you visit Vazhiyorakkada.



Introduce Traditional Food to the World

Our vision is to introduce the traditional Kerala food culture to the world, the cultural identity that has been lost in the pages of history with the huge influx of middle eastern and western food habits. We envisions to serve healthy ethnic Kerala food in clean and hygienic environment in the most conventional manner, with each person understanding the true value of the food served. We always strive to reflect the best and brightest traditions of ‘Keraliya’ hospitality, treating our patrons with grace and courtesy as honored guests in our own home.

Ethnic Dining Experience

To provide an exceptional ethnic dining experience that satisfies our guests with clean, healthy and affordable Kerala style cooking with the highest quality, freshness and seasonality. To promote the use of only fresh naadan chicken/duck meat; locally produced milk, milk products, coconut oil, and available groceries  with own prepration of papadom, curd, and curry masala. To strictly avoid broiler chicken, reuse of oil, fried snacks, and red meat including beef and mutton. Our mission is to make your experience at Vazhiyorakkada an unforgettable one with exceptional service and scrumptious food.

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