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Vazhiyorakkada | Traditional Kerala Restaurant | Unique Experience [Part-2]


Quality of Ingredients Used For all materials/ingredients there are first quality material and second quality materials.  For example in a vegetable market if you take the example of curry cucumber (vellarikka); there are is good quality cucumber and there may be cucumber that may be decayed on one side (the other side will be completely […]

Kottayam Style Naadan Kerala Fish Curry | Fish Curry – മീൻ കറി

Kottayam Fish Curry_Naadan Food

Kerala Fish Curry ( Kottayam Style )  is a spicy curry made using Kudampuli/malabar tamarind.  It goes well with rice and tapioca (kappa/cheeni). This type of fish curry is a signature item among the traditional dishes of Kerala. It will serve as great combination curry with rice, chapati, or parotta (പോറോട്ട). Here is our special […]

Naadan Chicken Curry | Traditional Recipe

nadan chicken curry2

Naadan Chicken Curry is one of the  most mouthwatering local recipes whenever we think about Kerala curries.  It is prepared using coconut slices and coconut oil with rich aromatic spices. This curry can be prepared in thousands of ways and each household has its own special recipe for for the curry. A very flavorful and […]