Vazhiyorakkada | Unique Experience [1]

  The other day I overheard some people discussing the prices of food in various restaurants in Thiruvananthapuram and other parts of Kerala.  They were of the opinion that all the food and its ingredients are the same everywhere and the only different is the cook, who makes the dishes, and the ambiance of the […]

Top 3 dishes_Traditional Kerala Food

Top 3 Dishes | Vazhiyorakkada Guide

Vazhiyorakkada has the reputation of being one of the very few restaurants in South Kerala that provides traditional Kerala food in its original sense. The food we provide at our restaurant are traditional Kerala dishes and we try our best to maintain the authentic taste and quality to all the dishes that we make. We […]

Traditional Kerala Restaurant

Choicest Naadan Vazhiyorakkada Menu

Vazhiyorakkada offer a very delicious and choicest local Kerala cuisine at the most reasonable and affordable rate.  It is situated on the side of M.C Road near the town of Kilimanoor. It was started in the year 2000 with the dream of providing genuine and authentic Kerala dishes to customers at really affordable rates.  Since […]

Traditional Kerala Avial

Kerala Traditional Style Aviyal | Recipe

Aviyal/avial is a delicious traditional Kerala dish prepared made with mixed vegetables, curd, coconut and seasoned with coconut oil and curry leaves. It has a very important place in Kerala cuisine and is a must dish for Onam Sadya as well as for any other Sadya . Let us learn how to make Kerala style […]

Kottayam Fish Curry_Naadan Food

Kottayam Style Naadan Kerala Fish Curry | Fish Curry – മീൻ കറി

Kerala Fish Curry ( Kottayam Style )  is a spicy curry made using Kudampuli/malabar tamarind.  It goes well with rice and tapioca (kappa/cheeni). This type of fish curry is a signature item among the traditional dishes of Kerala. It will serve as great combination curry with rice, chapati, or parotta (പോറോട്ട). Here is our special […]